Today is the day!

As I have noted here before, I have recently done some significant re-writes on Medousa. I dropped a romance subplot, I made the rivalry between Poseidon and Athena more explicit, and I eliminated a few exposition dumps.

Today, the Nelson Literary Agency is holding a “Pitch by Twitter” from 09:00 to 16:00 MST.

One may tweet up to thrice per completed work, and if any of the agents at Nelson like the pitch, they will invite one to submit. I have three tweet-pitches composed and ready to go, and it is my sincere hope that I will soon be taking down my book from its availability on Amazon in return for being honestly published.

  1. Helot. Lover. Priestess. Monster. Raped by Poseidon, cursed by Athena, her humanity stripped from her. Nevertheless, she persisted; Medousa.
  2. She was the most loathsome monster of the ancient world. But who was Medousa, really? A story of love and redemption in the face of tragedy.
  3. “I am the vengeance of Themiscyra, and I am the protector of her children. Nemesis sent me.”

Here’s hoping. In any case, after seeing the success of a female-driven movie like Wonder Woman, I shall continue to push for Medousa. I know I’m not that bad a writer; so perhaps I am not fighting hard enough for my book. Well, that really must change.

Eyes and Fingers crossed.


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