A New Review!

The good news is, someone else bought my book! The bad news is, they gave me a mere three star rating. But the good news is, they left a review! But the bad news is, the review wasn’t very helpful. Though the good news is, it wasn’t uncomplementary.

The entire review follows– “It was very good but very sad too. Poor Medusa, to suffer a fate worse than death. All because of Poseidon.”

I wish the review had been a bit more detailed; I do appreciate hearing where my writing needs improvement. But, as I said, at least it’s not an uncomplementary review. When I checked the reviewer’s page, it seems she has a penchant for romance novels– which Medousa really isn’t. So, I can understand why it got the low rating from her. It must be very off-putting when you’re expecting one type of book, and end up reading another. Kind of like expecting to sip milk, but somehow grabbing the cup of orange juice.

On the other hand, that means I’ve now sold EIGHT copies since publication! Yay!


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