People Are STILL Reading!

Seriously, I get kind of weepy when someone reads my book and is affected by it:

Anne Monteith‘s review

Jun 05, 2018
it was amazing!

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This is a retelling of a tale that anyone with any interest in Greek Mythology should read; it really changed my perception of what I had learned years ago

Medousa was considered less than a human from the time her family was killed and she was mad a slave, only two humans ever treated her with any kindness in the palace and they were unable to protect her. She would have been much better off if Athena had never noticed her. If the Greek goddesses and gods were so powerful, why did she not look into the future of the human who supposedly meant so much to her? After all, a prophet saw this possible future for her and if Athena cared so much she could have kept her away from the sea, she could have made the priestess at the local temple accept Medousa as an acolyte. To punish her as she did for something that she had no control over and then to punish her again once she was dead was too much!

5/5 STARS”

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